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Are you tired of going down a rabbit hole on the internet, flipping through thousands of reviews and hundreds of pictures? Have you ever checked into a resort only to be disappointed in your room or the food? Looking for the perfect family room accommodation and keep coming up empty? Maybe you want to explore Europe for the first time and don’t know the first place to start.

As a travel professional, I have my finger on the pulse of luxury resorts at all times and can help you identify and plan the perfect vacation.

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Hi, I’m Melissa

I am a travel junkie. In 2021, I decided to turn my passion for planning my own vacations into a business. I love researching and visiting five-star hotels, and now, I have the pleasure of introducing many of those resorts to my clients.

I live in Dallas with my husband and two kids and am always planning our next trip, whether that’s with or without the kids.

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Sun and Sand or Adventure?

Whether you’re looking to plop down on a beach and relax or you want to immerse yourself in the local culture halfway across the world I’ve got you covered.

My travel planning services will assist in identifying the perfect destination, the most ideal accommodations and the optimal route (if multiple stops are involved).

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