Travel can be replenishing and eye-opening. There are numerous ways to travel and innumerous places to go. My mission is to curate a luxury travel experience to fulfill my client’s desires and dreams.

Travel is fun; it’s an adventure and I aim to make the entire process just that. When my clients are happy, I’m happy. There’s no better feeling than receiving a text from clients who are traveling and ecstatic about their vacation. I live for those moments and love seeing all the planning and preparation come to fruition through my client’s eyes.

Our Mission

I Believe That Travel is Good for the Soul 

Hi, I'm Melissa

My Story

After nearly 20 years in corporate marketing and public relations I decided to follow my passion for travel planning. While I love the travel part, I also thoroughly enjoy the planning aspect. In 2021, I created my boutique travel agency and have not looked back. I am so lucky and blessed to have amazing clients who allow me to keep doing what I love.

I’ve always loved travel (who doesn’t?!). I love dreaming about where to go next, researching new destinations, and I live for an amazing hotel. When I travel, I can’t wait to reach the room and check it out. How does it smell? What are the linens like? Are the finishes high end? Is there music playing when I enter? All of these little details matter to me; I’m a tough critic when it comes to hotels and resorts.

My travel style

I’ve traveled to four continents, nearly 20 countries, and countless beaches. The list of places I want to see next is long (hazard of the job)!


My favorite vacations are beach vacations. As a mom of two young kids, I really need the time away to decompress.

A Few of My Favorite adventures

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Bora Bora


Little Palm Island




Punta Mita





travel services

Stress-Free Travel Services

When we work together, my services are collaborative in nature but also designed to take as much off your plate as you’d like. Most clients choose to have their entire trip itinerary planned out, but I also have a simple hotel booking service for those quick weekend getaways.

After we get to know one another, we will start diving into your trip through a discovery call. From there, my process will allow you to select the perfect destination and accommodations, and allow me to build an itinerary based on your desires.  

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