From Sun and Sand to International Adventure

Whether you’re looking to plop down on a beach and relax or immerse yourself in the local culture halfway across the world I’ve got you covered.


Things to consider include how far you’re willing to travel, what type of water you like, what type of sand you’re looking for, and the overall vibe. 

Family Beach Trips

Looking for that perfect beach vacation for your family? I have ideas for you!

Grabbing a group of friends and heading to the beach for your 40th? Or maybe just you and your sweetie are celebrating a big anniversary; I love finding the perfect location or itinerary for a memorable vacation.

Milestone Trips

These types of trips should be extra special.

If you know you want to get away but the trip planning keeps getting pushed to the back burner, we should chat.

Whether it’s a beach trip, spa trip, or wine country getaway, we can find the perfect spot.

Girls Trips

Let’s face it, as women and moms, we are strapped for time. We also desperately need time away with the girls.

If it’s a safari you’re seeking, a trip to Bali, or a summer European vacation I’d love to help you get it planned.

Adventure Travel

Finally ready to start checking off that bucket list of travel destinations?

Ready to take the first step?




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