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Whether you’re looking to plop down on a beach and relax or immerse yourself in local culture halfway across the world I’ve got you covered.

My travel planning services will assist you in identifying the perfect destination, the most ideal accommodations and the optimal route (if multiple stops are involved).

Designed by me, for you

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Seamless travel, access to out-of-the-box experiences, and VIP treatment

Every detail is accounted for. Arrive at the airport to find private transportation waiting to whisk you away to a five star hotel. At your hotel you’ll be greeted with the best arrival experience and added perks throughout your stay.

Private tours of places like The Vatican, dinners in museums after hours, picnics on royal grounds...these experiences are all part of the enhanced travel you’ll have access to.

Luxury Travel at its Best

Hit a wall after hours of online research

Tired of relying on online reviews from strangers whose standards you don’t know

Checked into a villa or house only to find the pictures don’t match reality

Interested in a trip to Europe but don’t know where to start

Save Time and get the most out of your travel

Alleviate these common travel struggles.

Benefits of working with me as your trusted travel advisor.

Recommendations for fully vetted accommodations with an assurance of their service, food and room standards

Receive the highest level of perks and VIP treatment

Be at the top of the room upgrade list, and in some cases get upgraded at time of booking

Receive access to promotions exclusive for my clients

Be prepared for travel with a digital app-based itinerary

Access to a local emergency contact for travel outside of North America

Confident, Happy Travelers

From Sun and Sand to International Adventure

Girls Trips. Need to get away with the girls but don’t have time to plan?

Milestone trips with friends or family. Let me help you find the perfect resort, villa, or house to host a group.

Family beach trips. Kids clubs, activities, room types to fit your family. These are all hotel qualities I can help you find.

Romance trips. Celebrating an anniversary or a birthday with your loved one? I know which spots are the best for romance. Let’s plan something unexpected.

Adventure trips. Whether it’s Europe, Africa, or Asia I will arm you with everything you need to explore the world.

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A few of the most common trip requests include:

Kind Words from Beautiful Clients

We took a group of 44 people to Palm Beach for two nights to celebrate a new development underway. She was with us from Day 1 and assisted with everything from excursions/lodging to personalized itineraries. Melissa was absolutely amazing! We could not have pulled off this trip without her, let alone made it as successful as it was!” 

-Mimi P.

“While on our amazing getaway, Nick and I agreed that it is 1000% worth it to go through Melissa for every single vacation we ever plan again.”  

- Liz H.

“My husband and I have a tendency to over plan our vacation itineraries, which often leaves us heading home exhausted versus relaxed. Melissa was the perfect partner to help us plan a truly relaxing vacation. She gave us several resort options to choose from that all brought something different to the table, and planned out the perfect itinerary that allowed us to explore but also unwind." 

- Sara B.

"Melissa made planning our trip so fun from start to finish. From the presentation of options for our tropical getaway to planning our daily itinerary and dinner reservations- all we had to do was book our flight and show up! It was so well thought out and relaxing! Her attention to detail and thorough research resulted in an amazing travel experience. Can't wait to book again!" 

- Stephanie F.

It’s never too early to start planning

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my signature planning process:

Step One: Introductions & Discovery

During the complimentary consultation call we will get to know one another and make sure my services are the right fit for your needs and vice versa. Next is a discovery call to talk specifically about your trip.


Step Two: Design

After the discovery call, it typically takes 7-10 days to prepare my initial recommendations or an initial trip proposal. 


Step 3: Finalize

One to two weeks prior to departure, you will receive a finalized itinerary with all of the information you need for a stress-free trip.


Step 4: Take Off!

My job isn’t over once you depart. During travel, I serve as your advocate and make sure your tip is seamless. For international travel, you will most likely have a local, emergency point of contact as well.


Step 5: Feedback

How’d we do? When you return from a trip I want to know how it went. How did I do? How did the hotel do? Is there anything we can refine to make the next trip even better.



Frequently Asked Questions

I am used to booking travel on my own; why should I use you?

Before I became a travel advisor, I used a professional to help me. I found it useful to have a second set of eyes...someone who was knee deep in travel day in, day out. Plus, I also enjoyed the VIP perks that came with booking through a travel advisor.

Many of my clients also enjoy the planning process and that’s OK. As long as you trust me, we can definitely plan together. 

I know where I want to go, should I still book through you?

Yes, absolutely. Many clients come to me with a destination in mind and some even have a hotel in mind. I can book the hotel for you, get you access to my value added amenities, and also help plan the rest of the trip, if that is required.

Do you book flights?

There is really only value to my clients when they are booking first or business class international flights. I work with air consolidators who have access to contracted rates, often lower than what is publicly available.

I always suggest the flights clients should take and if it makes more sense to book on your own, then that’s what you should do. For clients who really want me to handle everything I am happy to do so with an additional air booking fee.

What happens if we have to cancel our trip?

Terms and conditions for cancellation will be trip specific. I will follow the same cancellation policies as the hotels we’ve booked.

Do you recommend travel insurance?

Yes! Anything can happen and I’ve seen it. Travel insurance is a small price to pay for peace of mind. Often times medical insurance policies will not cover for international medical expenses, which is the biggest expense you could incur while traveling.

This sounds great, but how much does this cost?

I charge clients a planning and access fee up front. The fees start at $250 per trip and will vary based on the size and scope of the trip. Outside of the planning fee, the costs for hotels are the same as what you’d see online, sometimes less but not always.

For complicated trips outside of the U.S., there is a small mark-up included in your overall price to account for the planning, logistics, and premium travel experience you will have. However, we also usually have access to negotiated hotel rates which helps balance things out.

I am very transparent about pricing and will do my best to make sure you understand where mark ups come in. Clients almost always find that they easily recoup the cost of fees through the value added to their travels.

Can you book houses?

Yes, I can book luxury houses. I do not book homes on VRBO or AirBnB. I only work with trusted partners who have fully vetted each property so that I can be assured the property meets my standards.

How far out do I need to start planning?

It really depends on where you are going and the time of year.

For summer trips to Europe, we should start talking about one year before and aim to get your trip booked 9 months from your departure date. For African safaris, the timetable is even longer. Some clients book safaris two years out.

For an average trip, a good rule of thumb is at least 6 months out.
If it’s a simple beach trip to Mexico or the Caribbean, I can usually find good availability 3 months out when it’s not peak season.

For trips that are taking place within 8 weeks, an expedited trip planning fee will be charged.

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